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Ecology about car rental

Any human activity inevitably produce an environmental impact

which is important to reduce as much as



This environmental charter enables


and its employees to get involved and honor the clauses.

This charter is also subject to the addition of new topics whenever it will be doable.

This concretely means the following statements:

The philosophy :





philosophy is based on the idea of a society moving towards a constant increase of the use

             of shared cars. Daily use of public transports makes it possible to advantageously reduce ones travel costs, economically

             and environmentally speaking, while optimizing his travel time through reading the newspaper or processing emails. The rent

             of premium cars offers the fun, freedom and irreplaceable feeling that only an attractive car can offer.

The cars :



We make sure the antipollution controls and the maintenance services recommended by the cars manufacturer are done

             on a regular basis and before reaching the delays.



Every car, when applicable, is fit out with low rolling resistance tires. (This will be done with the time when changing tires)

             This lowers the gas consumption, which is good for the environment, as well as for your wallet.



The vehicles are all very recent and thus meet the highest environmental standards.




Washes are performed at stations with the highest ecological standards and whose water is heated by solar energy.


Traditional paper rolls are prohibited and only long lasting cloths are used for washing and drying.

The offices and infrastructures :





office lighting is only made up of very low energy light-bulbs LED. No halogen lights or others.



Lights are switched off at night, as well as computers, screens and printers which are totally switched off. No sleep mode.



Hardware is carefully selected among brands recommended by environmental protection associations.

             See the Greenpeace index for eco-friendly brands.



Offices are not air-conditioned during summer and reasonably heated during winter.



Whether paper whose use is kept to a minimum, printers ink, PET (which has been replaced with jugs), aluminum,


rechargeable batteries

, and other office waste are carefully reduced to as low as possible, then sorted out

             and recycled.



Our internet website is hosted by the most eco-friendly provider we know on the market. Infomaniak has an outstanding 

             exemplary environmental politic. Check it out here: http://infomaniak.ch/en/environment



Advertising flyers, business cards, and all printings are processed with recycled and/or FSC eco-labelled paper.


Ecological displacement :



All the


employees hold either a general subscription for the public transport or an electric car

             or a very fuel-efficient car for their daily basic travelling.


After the delivery of your car the chauffeur's way back is done by public transport.

Ecological segment :



Our fleet is supplied with an "ecological" segment, made up of the most fuel-efficient cars of the market but still

             very attractive and enjoyable to drive. Our offer will be diversified as soon as possible and depending on the customers’  

             interest, which we hope will keep growing. (Feel free to share your whishes and ideas).



you are assured everything is done so that your rental produce
the lowest possible environmental impact.

Rent a Car Ecology philosophy
Rent a Car Ecology the cars
Rent a Car Ecology the infrastructures
Rent a Car Ecology the transports
Rent a Car Ecology the fleet

Our commitments to ecology

"...more driving pleasure"
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