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"...more driving pleasure"
High end dream car rental in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne Switzerland

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Car rental Geneva Switzerland

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The rent a car Philosophy

The DreamCars-Rental philosophy

Today more than ever, car is a pledge of freedom, and above all a pledge of








brings a different vision of experiencing cars, offering a

"high-end car rental"

in each vehicle category.

And right because we're talking about every category, this means that

the enjoyment of high-end rental can remain affordable.

But the pleasure is for sure so different !

Why choosing a high-end car rental ?


Whether you rent a car for fun, just to

offer you excellent sensations and moments of pure happiness with dream cars.

Or simply to

change from your usual car;

Or that you rent a car out of necessity,

to complete a philosophy of travel based primarily on the use of public transport or

ecological small vehicle,

as it can be seen more often;

Or that you simply need during a trip, a weekend, for holiday or a special occasion,

a vehicle more adapted to the situation;

In any case the money spent to rent the car, and all what surrounds the rental experience, should bring you more


, more





and certainly more



Our goal is,

through the choice of high-end vehicles and services

, that your rental experience brings you all of the above.

And thus...

much more driving delight.

What do we mean by "high-end in each category" ?


1) Always attractive cars, fun to drive, that capture the attention and into which you feel good. In one word, "sexy" cars.

2) Rich equipment adding to the comfort of the trip. (Air conditioning, integrated GPS, Leather seats, high-end audio installation, music in-line

    for smartphone, Bluetooth phone installation, a.s.o.)

3) The

highest safety

standards with a 5 stars Euro NCAP rating even for the smaller cars !

    Pneumatics and accessories (snow chains, child seats, a.s.o.) also of very high quality.

4) Only recent cars, perfectly neat inside as outside.

5) Obviously the pleasure of the high-end is firstly discovered through an onsite delivery to the address chosen by the client. At the train

    station, at home, at the office, on your holiday spot, you choose, we deliver to the desired time.




Treat yourself to the experience of a high-end rental and enjoy more


, more


, more


, therefore

more relaxation