location de voiture lausanne
Location voiture lausanne
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Nissan 370Z Roadster

The Japanese racing machine !  (Convertible version)

The 370Z continues the glorious sporting heritage of Nissan, the result of a 40 years old tradition. With this new generation claiming the same evil performances, the Japanese brand managed to break through the next level in terms of perceived quality. You will appreciate some details of finishing and fine leather notes. Taut lines, angular profile, sharp design, the 370Z is a concentrate of precision and absolute power. Less weight, more muscle, a stiffer chassis, more powerful brakes for sportier performance. Technological innovation inaugurated by the 370Z : the synchro rev control system. With this world premiere, the engine speed is synchronized to a precise gearshift. A feast of a car to rent !

"...more driving pleasure"
High end dream car rental in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne Switzerland

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Rent Nissan 370Z sport & luxury cars rental in Switzerland Lausanne Geneva Montreux


1 day

1 day

1 day

2-5 weekdays

2-5 weekdays

2-5 weekdays

2 days weekend

2 days weekend

2 days weekend

Long 3 days weekend

Long 3 days weekend

Full week 7 days

Full week 7 days

A full month

A full month

The necessary conditions for renting this car are : Minimum age 23 years old, a driving license since at least minimum 3 years,
Amount of included Km  (Extra Kms CHF 1,60)

100 km / day

200 km / day

400 km / day

100 km / day

200 km / day

400 km / day

200 km for the weekend

400 km for the weekend

800 km for the weekend

600 km for the weekend

1200 km for the weekend

700 km for the week

1400 km for the week

1000 km for the month

2000 km for the month
Price in CHF (VAT included)

240.-  per day



190.-  per day



420.-  the weekend



820.-  the long weekend


1'290.-  the week


3'750.-  the month

a credit card, a deposit of 15'000.- or reduced to minimum 2'000.-  (see the options table below)
Rent Nissan 370Z sport & luxury cars rental in Switzerland Lausanne Geneva Montreux

Available options

Liability insurance + CASCO insurance

Passengers insurance (driver and passengers)

Additional driver

Keep the full deductible and deposit at 15'000.-

Reduce your deductible and your deposit to 2'000.-

Delivery and/or return of the vehicle at the address of your choice

Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux or an address up to 10 km from these cities

An address or a train station up to 50 km from the above cities

An address or a train station up to 75 km from the above cities

An address or a train station up to 125 km from the above cities

Other distances in Switzerland or in Europe

Caretaking of your private vehicle during the time of the rental

Fuel filling service if desired

For any other request for services please contact us to make you a tailored quote

Price in CHF (VAT included)

Included in the package

Offered free of charge

10.- per day

40.- per day (free beyond the 10th day)

Price in CHF (VAT included)

Free of charge

75.- per trip

100.- per trip

150.- per trip

Price upon request

25.- per day

Price increased by 20% per Lt. + fee of 20.-

On our "Accessories" page you will find everything you need to make your trip
more convenient and enjoyable.