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location voiture lausanne

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"...more driving pleasure"
High end dream car rental in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne Switzerland

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+41 (0)21 558 67 59
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Car rental Geneva Switzerland

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Rent a dream car Lausanne Geneva Airport

...are you located in Geneva or around ?

Rent a car rental Lausanne Geneva Airport
Rent a car rental Lausanne Geneva Airport
Rent a car rental Lausanne Geneva Airport
Rent a car rental Lausanne Geneva Airport
We deliver your rental car direct to you for free* !


the most convenient solution there is !

Simply choose the place /


that suits


best for delivery and return in Geneva or else.

No need to look for a rental agency to retrieve your car. You have the freedom** to choose

your delivery address.

For example:




at the office

in the evening while leaving to go on weekend ?

       Perfect, you will gain in comfort and will enjoy avoiding the city center at that time of the day.


At the

train station

or the


of your choice during a business trip ?

       Very nice too, you'll save valuable time and maximize your efficiency.


Or rather

at home

on Saturday morning right before going on vacation ?

       Also great, to optimize your travel time and leave more relaxed.


At the hotel ?

A public parking in the city ? Directly to

your holiday place ?

       Your freedom is limitless** !

Go for the maximum comfort and freedom ! You provide us with the address, we will deliver the car at the desired time.

* Free delivery in Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux and up to 10km from the city center. For a

delivery to

more distant locations please check the rates

  on the pages of the cars.

** Except some restrictions according to our terms and conditions. We will be pleased to advise you at the time of booking .

Headquarter   (Reception only by appointment)


UID : CHE-356.864.965

Ch. des Peupliers 6

1094 Paudex VD


+41 (0)21 558 67 59