Premium car rental services and delivery at your address in Lausanne Geneva Montreux Zurich and the airports in Switzerland like Lamborghini Maserati Porsche Ferrari

The most attractive rental cars in each categories,

for the most enjoyable sensations.

Time saving and comfort of a door to door delivery at your convenience.


Quality - Safety - Satisfaction of a Premium Service                                                        

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High end dream car rental in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne Switzerland

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Car rental Geneva Switzerland

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Sports Car rental actual in Switzerland, Geneva, Airport
Sports luxury car rental in Suisse, Switzerland, Schweiz
Rent a sports car in Geneva Porsche Boxster S
Car rental in Lausanne or Geneva Switzerland, Range Rover Evoque
Car rental and delivery at your address in Lausanne Geneva Montreux Zurich and airport Lamborghini Maserati Porsche Ferrari

Luxury rental cars

delivered to your hotel

, Geneva airport,

your work place, or any train station of your choice.

Rent a Sports car in Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland. Book your dream car right now and finally drive your dreams !

Delivery sports car rental in Suisse, Switzerland, Schweiz
A full range of dream cars to rent in Geneva, Lausanne, airport in Switzerland or europa like Lamborghini Maserati Porsche Ferrari

Birthdays, weddings, romantic weekends, rent this exclusive Range Rover Evoque in

its most powerful version.

Mark these occasions, treat yourself. The rental of a premium car will make this day an even better memory !

Fidelity Card the benefits of dream car rental in Switzerland

Choose the


fidelity card and enjoy the following benefits :

-  Up to 10% discount on all your rentals !

-  Free delivery of the car to the address of your choice

-  Invitation to


events and rides

-  A special gift to you

Sport, Luxury, Premium Car Rental Fidelity Card

offers the rental of the most beautiful sports and prestige cars. Choose to rent a dream car as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin,


Jaguar, or also to rent different high-end or luxury cars and 4x4 or limousines at the best price as a Nissan 370Z, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Boxter or 911 etc..

In our fleet you can hire some cheaper cars too but still very "fun" to drive like the Fiat 500C, Citroen DS3, Mini Cooper S, and also some of the most


environmentally friendly cars on the market.


your partner for your high-end rentals and your limousine services, weddings, chauffeurs and VIP


security in Switzerland and France. Rental, vehicle delivery, limousines and services everywhere in Switzerland or in Europe. At the airport or in city like Fribourg,


Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Neuchâtel, Nyon, Sierre, Sion, Valais, Vevey Yverdon, Zurich, etc..

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